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Nerdeen Kiswani

Founder and Leader of Within Our Lifetime (WOL), a

pro-terror activist group

dedicated to Israel’s destruction

Nerdeen Kiswani

Antisemite and Terrorist Glorifier

Nerdeen Kiswani is the principle leader of New York City’s anti-Israel protests, which she directs through her organization Within Our Lifetime. The organization through its activists were responsible for instigating the rampant attacks against Jews in NYC beginning in 2021. 


Since Oct. 7, 2023, she has organized non-stop pro-Hamas protests design to ruin the lives of everyday New Yorkers – from disrupting Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years celebrations to effecting shutdowns of NY’s major thoroughfares and bridges.


Kiswani believes in “Resistance, By Any Means Necessary.” This is the slogan of her organization and is nothing short of a call to violence – not just by Hamas terrorists but by her many followers.   


KIswani’s goal is the total destruction of the state of Israel within her lifetime. After fireworks were exploded at a Within Our Lifetime rally, Kiswani infamously screamed to the crowd: “I hope that a pop-pop is the last noise that some Zionists hear in their lifetime!” 

“Abolishing Israel is the key to peace.” Nerdeen Kiswani, Youtube, May 24 2021

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